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Magna Carta comes to the Li Ka Shing Library

9 Dec 2015
800 Years of Magna Carta - 8 December 2015 to 8 January 2016, Li Ka Shing Library Level 2
Magna Carta is one of the most important documents in history. It is a foundation stone of the legal systems of the UK, Singapore and Common Law countries. It has inspired the development of parliamentary democracy, equality before the law and equal rights.
Magna Carta was an attempted truce in the year 1215 between ‘bad’ King John of England and leading figures, the Barons, who had rebelled against his unjust and arbitrary rule. Although it was filled with many detailed matters of concern to the Barons, it helped to develop the rule of law, a concept crucial to the success of the legal systems of both the UK and Singapore today.
The Hereford Cathedral’s 1217 version of Magna Carta, one of only four copies surviving, was on public display at the Supreme Court of Singapore from 19 to 23 November 2015. Now, a replica of the document has been brought to the Li Ka Shing Library.
The exhibition has been made possible thanks to the kind support of the British High Commission of Singapore.
In addition, a selection of works kindly borrowed from a private collection, tracing Magna Carta’s legacy in print, are also presented.
Exhibition Details
Venue: Li Ka Shing Library, Level 2 (near Reserves area) 
Opening Hours (for public): 1pm to 5pm, Monday to Saturday
What is Magna Carta:

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