Art takes over Li Ka Shing Library!


Art takes over Li Ka Shing Library!

With an exhibition by students using art photography as a medium to communicate and share their personal perspectives

Twelve students from last year’s Open Call participated in a ‘Digital Photography: Visual Diary’ workshop with Objectifs Centre for Photography & Film, where they explored the art of visual storytelling and developed their photo projects in December 2020.

Now they present their photo projects in an exhibition titled Annotations at Li Ka Shing Library. Their photographic narratives—that share stories on loneliness, resilience, connection with nature, the life of a migrant worker, and journey of self-discovery amongst others—are embedded across the library on the 2nd and 3rd floor. Like notations in the margins, they reveal an exchange within and between themselves, the city, and campus life.

The exhibition is on view till 28 February 2021, and features the photo projects of Andrea Vincent, Celeste Wong, Dhriti Trehan, Jerald Heng, Makarios Tang Way, Meutia Ananda, Prarthana Chandani, Shabbir Akhtar, Tan Huei Suen, Vishakha Choudhary, Xu Moyu, and Yap Ying Ying.


Guided Walkthroughs of the exhibition and SMU Art Collection at Li Ka Shing Library

In-conjunction with the exhibition, SMU Libraries are holding guided walkthroughs led by their Art Programme Manager of both the exhibition and artworks from the SMU Art Collection located at Li Ka Shing Library. Walkthroughs are open to public, but slots are limited and by registration only.


  • 4 Feb and 18 Feb, Thursday, 5pm – 6pm
  • 6 Feb and 20 Feb, Saturday, 3pm – 4pm

Register for your guided walkthrough today!

Email us at artcollection [at]

*Image: Meutia Ananda, Wandered Visitor, 2020