Vision, Mission, Diversity & Inclusion


To be a leading research library providing ubiquitous access to information using innovative strategies to drive intellectual exchange and the creation of knowledge.



The Library‚Äôs mission is to enable a culture of life-long learning through collaboration, engagement and outreach. It aims to provide seamless access to information using innovative and leading edge technology.  The Library is committed to delivering exceptional services and building dynamic relationships within the SMU community and beyond.


Diversity & Inclusion

The Library endeavors to provide universal access to the library resources and services required for academic and research success. If you encounter problems, or require assistance, please approach the staff at Library Desk. Alternatively, you can email library [at] for enquiry or assistance.



Valuing others and accepting diversity

Taking responsibility for your action and results

Being enthusiastic and engaging

Delivering equitable, unbiased, and timely service to all library users