Vision, Mission, Diversity & Inclusion


To be a world-renowned university library. We advance research, education, complex problem solving, and cultivate lifelong learning through innovative approaches, information discovery and strategic partnerships to achieve meaningful impact.



We do this by:

  • Curating and providing seamless access to relevant collections and resources
  • Promoting skills and habits for critical engagement with information and effective participation in the changing digital information landscape
  • Fostering environments that inspire curiosity and empower knowledge creation
  • Anticipating and exceeding the needs of our community through building dynamic local and global relationships
  • Developing our staff to engage in continuous learning in a joyful and purposeful place of work


Diversity & Inclusion

The Library endeavors to provide universal access to the library resources and services required for academic and research success. If you encounter problems, or require assistance, please approach the staff at Library Desk. Alternatively, you can email library [at] for enquiry or assistance.



As a team, we uphold SMU’s CIRCLE values:

Sticking to an agreement and seeing a project through to completion even when the going gets tough

Being honest and truthful with yourself and especially with others

The voluntary act of holding oneself accountable for one's own actions

Collegiality means more than just getting along with people. It means being a responsible citizen within the University community 

Leadership is an influence, a conviction and a responsibility a team establishes

Excellence entails giving your very best in every endeavour you undertake