2015 Survey Results

Library Service Quality Survey Results for 2015

It is important that the library understands the needs and expectations of the SMU community so that it is able to provide the services and resources that best meet them. It is for this reason that the Library undertook the Library Service Quality Survey in both 2013 and 2015. The survey questionnaire, called LibQUAL+, is a large-scale assessment of library service effectiveness developed by the Association of Research Libraries (ARL) in North America.  It is based on ServQUAL and participated by over 1,200 libraries worldwide. The Survey measures the following dimensions of service: Affect of Service, Access to Information, and Library as Place. The results enable the library to measure and improve service and benchmark the library‚Äôs performance against similar institutions across the world.

Survey Response Rate:
There were 2,143 respondents to the survey which is approximately 24% of the SMU community.
Key Results:
  • Overall the library improved in most areas from 2013 to 2015. The library also performed well when benchmarked against other academic libraries. SMU exceeds the desired levels of service in most areas as compared to ARL libraries and other university libraries who participated in LibQUAL in 2015.
  • In 2013, the library performed above average for service. This area further improved in 2015. Users felt library staff were polite, willing to help, dependable and knowledgeable.
  • The LibQUAL survey in 2013 identified space as an issue. Since then the library has expanded a lot of effort in this area particularly on renovation. The results show that in 2015, the aspect of library space has improved substantially.
  • With reference to information control, the ability to easily access electronic resources from home or office was identified as both an important factor as well as an area where some improvements can be made. Some users also commented that the search engine and website navigation can be improved. 
Selected Comments:
  • Awesome renovation works that gives more study areas to students!
  • Could be more quiet and the seat hogging is really unpleasant 
  • The library staff are very creative when it comes to special occasions. The 24hr area also fixed the problem of the late openings during the weekends.
  • The library has all the information we need, however, discovering the information we need is a bit tedious because things are not so straightforward (example searching for DVDs, etc)
  • You guys are awesome, passionate about your work and maintain a world-class library. Keep up the good work!
  • I especially like how professors invite librarians to come down to class to explain how to use library services, they make life a lot easier for us students!
  • Generally good, I like to visit the library but don't like to use the e-library resources (online research, texts and journals) because they are difficult to find and download
  • Improved greatly with the recent enhancements. Looking forward to more improvisations! Keep up the good work!
Action Plan:
  • The library will take steps to improve access and discovery of resources. Among other planned initiatives, a new library discovery service is currently in the implementation stage. 
  • The library will continue to enhance learning spaces on an ongoing basis and to work on some of the space issues identified such as noise levels, cleanliness and seat hogging. The new Kwa Geok Choo Law Library expected to be ready in early 2017 will also help further with space issues.
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We appreciate the feedback and insight provided by the SMU community. Thank you for taking the time to assess the library and improve the quality of our resources and services.