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From the Desk of Gulcin Cribb
University Librarian


2014 proved to be an exciting year for SMU Libraries as we launched a variety of new facilities and services, such as the new Investment Studio, Hive, two new learning labs equipped with state-of-the-art technology, a new Graduate Lounge and a 24/7 Learning Commons. All of these facilities enabled the library to provide additional seating and learning facilities as well as more attractive, innovative, creative, welcoming and dynamic community spaces. These enhancements were done in response to the 2013 LibQual customer survey which indicated that our spaces and facilities were not sufficient and appropriate. I am delighted to share with you that according to the 2015 LibQual survey results, the library as a place has improved significantly over the 2013 results. We will be sharing more on the LibQual survey findings soon, once the analysis has been completed.
The new 24/7 Learning Commons is so popular that we recorded over 12,000 visits from midnight to 8am and other times when the rest of the Library is closed during the first three months of 2015.
Librarians have been able to conduct classes for students on research skills in more suitable and congenial facilities than ever before. The recent ‘Bite-sized Lunchtime’ workshops proved to be very popular among both undergraduate and postgraduate students. Faculty are also using the new facilities for innovative teaching practices and student presentations.
Please watch the space for some new exciting developments to the library’s virtual services in the coming months, especially the Discovery facility  on the Library website. 

'Daringly Different'

Launched at the Patron’s Day 2015 dinner, the book charts the first 15 years of the growth of SMU. It is available for loan from the library and for sale at the SMU Shop.

The Library recently purchased more than 120,000 electronic books on Computer Science, Finance, Psychology, Social Sciences, Economics, Business and Law. These include recent publications from well-known publishers  in non-fiction publishing like Elsevier Science Direct, Wiley, and Oxford. More than 5,000 archived academic resources up till 2014 were also acquired from Springer, for the Social Sciences, Humanities and Law disciplines. We hope these additional resources will meet your research needs and further facilitate your learning. 
The e-books may be retrieved and accessed via Pyxis+, through keyword searches. You can also discover and browse the library’s numerous e-book collections here.

A new search engine to replace Pyxis+ is targeted for launch in August 2015. This new facility will allow you to easily search for articles, books/ebooks and more in a single interface.

Help us think of a name for this portal! If it gets selected, your suggestion will be used for years to come. library [at] (subject: New%20name%20for%20Library%20search%20engine) (Send it to us) and stand to win a prize! More details will also be shared soon so do look out for it on social media.


We love the job that we do, and even more so when we receive comments that affirm our commitment to helping you achieve your advantage.

"Your commitment to making the library a student friendly place is incredible. So many of us take the services of the library for granted. I just wanted to stop by and thank you immeasurably. 
Being in Year 4, I realized that the library has undergone & undertaken several changes with the aim of benefitting the SMU Community, and I am more than proud to be a student of a University that cares so much about making its student experience better."


Melody Chin

Melody is a Research Librarian for the School of Economics. She lived in Sydney for the past 15 years and completed her graduate degree in library science after studying Economics, Political Economy and Industrial Relations. She is now enjoying being back in sunny Singapore. If you would like assistance with sourcing time-series data, country statistics or any other research relating to economics, please feel free to contact Melody.    

Galvin Soh

galvinsoh [at] (Galvin) is excited to take on the Communications and Outreach role, meeting with students, visitors, and anyone who wants to partner with the library. He was formerly a Children’s Librarian and Arts programmer with the National Library Board and relishes the excitement of being ‘back in school’.


Aaron Tay

Aaron is the new Library Analytics manager as well as Research Librarian for the School of Accountancy. Besides having a degree in Accountancy and library and information science, he has worked in libraries in the areas of web analytics, mobile and Library search. He is a seasoned blogger and is looking forward to exploring ideas on how to use data to assess library impact and performance. If you require support in the area of Accountancy or have ideas in areas for possible collaboration, do contact him.


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Galvin Soh
Communications and Outreach Librarian
galvinsoh [at] (subject: LibConnect)

Aaron Tay 
Manager, Library Analytics and
Senior Research Librarian, Accountacy
aarontay [at] (subject: LibConnect)


Who Borrowed the MOST books this year?

School of Law students : 4,046 loans 

School of Law faculty : 214

  Extended Hours for Study Week
(April 4 - 24, 2015)

Mon-Fri  8.00am to 12.00am
Sat        10.00am to 12.00am
Sun       1.00pm to 12.00am
(includes Good Friday - April 3) 

Learning Commons is open 24/7.

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