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Bite-Sized Library Workshops are here again. 

Join the Librarians and other campus partners such as, CEC, IITS, ODOS, OLGA, and Faculty from 13th to 31st January to learn more about working with data, writing persuasively, digital literacy, research skills and many other topics!

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Digital Literacy Skills

  • Data-Driven Technology-Enabled Business Innovation: From Research To Practice
    In an age where “data” is the new oil, how exactly could big data and data technologies drive business innovations? We will share in this talk some of the state-of-the-art applications and the underlying research foundation.
  • Demystifying blockchain: From bitcoin to new economies
    What is blockchain and how can it benefit our lives? We will show you the full story of blockchain in action, from cryptocurrency to enabling new economies.

Working with Data

  • Now You See It: Interactive Visualization for Data Discovery With Tableau
    Learn how to visualize data from library databases (e.g. CEIC, Realis) using software like Tableau.

  • Managing Your Research Data
    Always take a long time to find that data sitting somewhere in your PC? Learn how best to organize and manage your research data, as well as common mistakes when handling data in Excel. Good research habits go a long way!
  • Making Your Research Reproducible With R Markdown in RStudio
    Join us for this hands on workshop to learn intermediate-level R tools and concepts.

  • Creating Web Slides With Xaringan in RStudio (NEW)
    Heard about Xaringan? How can RStudio help me to create web slides? Learn more in this hands on workshop.


Research Skills

  • Current awareness tools to stay ahead in your field
    Do you want to keep up-to-date in your area of study – without having to do loads of work? Learn strategies and apps to connect with new research, journal tables of contents, and current news on social media.
  • Researching with Google & Wikipedia
    What's wrong with using Wikipedia and Google for research? Can we use it? How do we optimise these research tools?
  • Finding and mapping your literature reviewGo beyond keyword searching! Find related papers using citation mapping techniques. See what unexpected connections may exist between papers in your literature review.

Present with Pizzazz & other enrichment tips

  • Art@SMU: Want to know more?
    Saw the weird and wonderful in the library and on campus? Want to learn more about Art appreciation? Come listen to industry practitioners as they immerse and introduce you to selected pieces by local and regional artists.

For the full list of workshops, visit the Bite-Sized Library Workshops. Please note:

  • Workshops will be held in Learning Labs 1 and 2 (Level 5) or at the Hive (Level 2) of the Li Ka Shing Library
  • Please bring your own laptops