Library Peer Advisors

What is the library peer advisors (LPA) programme about?

The Library Peer Advisors (LPA) provide peer-to-peer support by students for students in areas such as citation help, database training and conducting library tours. Studies have shown that peer-assisted learning is beneficial in providing supportive social networks for students and allows them to learn and acquire knowledge from their peers. The LPA expands the already existing peer ecosystems in SMU such as the Peer Helpers, Peer Advisors, Peer Tutors, Comm Coaches and Career Champions.


Meet your library peer advisors!

The Library Peer Advisors are current senior undergraduate students.

Library Peer Advisors

Clockwise from the top left: Constance, Joe, Pei Ying, Joey

Library Peer Advisors

From left to right: Yiling, Derrick, Shubhangi


Why did they become [library peer advisors]? Here are some words from them:

“I remember the first time we were required to write an opinion piece for PWR and that was also the first time that I had to take APA citations very seriously. It was something that I found very hard to do since there were so many things that I had to take note of while doing so. I wanted to be able to help others who are also facing the same difficulties and hopefully allow them to spend a shorter time doing so.”

“When we were told that the library is looking for students who can aid the SMU Community in areas such as APA citation and library tours, I took up the opportunity immediately. I saw the opportunity as an exposure and development as well as a way for me to understand the challenges that students face.”


How can they help you?

Currently, the library peer advisors help support in:

  • APA Citation
  • Library Tours for Students
  • Database Training


Contact and further information

You can contact library [at] (SMU Libraries) for more information.