Steps for researchers to raise research visibility and acknowledge funding support


Contribute to open access

Raise the visibility and discoverability of your research.

Do this by ensuring that your manuscripts and publications are included in InK, SMU’s institutional repository.


Prof. Steven Miller
Vice Provost (Research)


Bethany Wilkes
University Librarian

When your paper is deposited in InK, it is easily findable through Google and Google Scholar as InK has very good Search Engine Optimization.

You can ensure that your paper is deposited in InK by uploading the full text of your publications to IRIS. SMU Libraries will make them available open access in InK. You will then have a web link to your publication with the full text available open access.

What version can you upload?

  • Accepted version
  • Published version if it is open access or if you own the copyright
  • Submitted version or pre-print

If you receive funding from any funding source locally or internationally, please make sure you acknowledge the funder in your paper.

Singapore funding agencies, including the National Research Foundation (NRF) and Ministry of Education (MOE), require that you appropriately acknowledge their funding support.

In fact, as of now, NRF will only accept progress reports and authorise grant payments if the research team provides a URL link to all publications listed as part of the project’s research outputs. To highlight how serious NRF is about making the research publications sponsored by their funding publicly accessible, they will not issue payment to the university for that project unless the interim progress report or the final report have a web link for every publication listed as a project output. We expect that MOE will move in this same direction.

To simplify these compliance requirements for you (the researcher), and for the university, simply ensure that your manuscripts, your author accepted versions or your final publication versions (where possible) are included in SMU’s InK. This will take care of everything - even the requirement for you to have a publicly accessible URL for your publications, including those that are sponsored by external funding sources.

So please remember two key things:

  1. Always properly acknowledge your sources of external research funding.
  2. Get all of your written outputs into SMU InK. This supports Open Access. It also makes it easy for you to have a publicly accessible URL for all of your written outputs, including all work that was supported by Singapore funding agencies, and any other sponsor.

For questions relating to InK, email SMU Libraries at