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PhD Students

Research and Learning Services

The library is your first point of contact if you need assistance in finding sources for specific subject, locating articles or accessing databases.
The library provides various research literacy programmes, such as searching and finding the right sources for your research, using bibliographic management tools, mastering specific databases, and much more.
You can also make an appointment with a Research Librarian who specializes in your subject for customized help. Your research librarians are:

Loan Privileges

  • How many? Total loan entitlement for PhD students is 100 items.
  • How long? Different item types have different loan periods. All items on loan are subject to request by another user or recall by the Library.
  • How much? Fines are instituted to encourage the prompt return of library items for the convenience of all our users.
  • Read more about library usage policy.

Access & Resources

  • Most of Library’s e-resources (e-books, e-journals, e-databases) can be accessed from off-campus. Authentication needed is your SMU ID/Password.
  • The library provides interlibrary loan & document delivery services for book, journal article or book chapter that cannot be located in the library’s collection. This service is free and the requested material must be for research relating to your coursework, projects or assignments. You will be responsible for the return of the borrowed item, including any fines incurred.
  • Do recommend new titles (books, journals, etc.) that you think will be excellent additions to the library’s collection.
  • Library also provides various Research Data Sources. You can contact your Research Librarian if you need further assistance with datasets or data management.

Interlibrary Loan & Document Delivery Services

Request for journal articles, book chapters and books that are not available in the Library’s collection for your teaching, learning or research needs. Note that some materials cannot be brought in due to copyright restriction or exclusion policies for interlibrary loan and document delivery services. Submit your request here.


Learning Programmes

Check the Library Learning Calendar for upcoming workshops and events.


Publishing Dissertations

Dissertations by PhD Students will be placed in InK - Institutional Knowledge at SMU - for access by SMU community. To submit your dissertations/ theses, visit the InK website to create an account with your SMU ID, acknowledge the Submission Agreement and provide the required information about the work to be submitted. 
Need help in writing your dissertation? Check out the Dissertation / Thesis Research and Writing guide.

Graduate Lounges

Graduate Lounges are designated as multi-purpose learning spaces for post-graduate students. There are two Graduate Lounges on Level 5 of Li Ka Shing Library, and one Graduate Lounge on Level 4 of Kwa Geok Choo Law Library.

Last updated on 10 Jun 2019 .