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As we move into another Term, I’m delighted to share some of the initiatives that the Libraries have underway to advance research, education, complex problem solving, and cultivate lifelong learning across the SMU community.

While the Libraries have been providing a range of research data services, we have recently enhanced and augmented these services. The Libraries now provide assistance for working with data to support computational methods of research, which are of growing interest and importance to researchers at various levels. Learn about how librarians can help you successfully apply techniques, tools, and technologies to support your research and more!

Another new service drawing upon librarian expertise is the Copyright Advisor. This chatbot provides guidance on copyright compliance in an easily accessible format. This helps the community become informed on how you can utilize resources responsibly for teaching, learning, and research.

Although the majority of classes are, for now, conducted online, students continue to collaborate, learn, and connect with one another in the various spaces of the Libraries on campus. The freshly renovated Graduate Lounge 1 at Li Ka Shing Library provides spaces and technologies that cater to a variety of learning styles and preferences – ranging from solo study spaces to a PGR Collaboration Space. If you are a postgraduate student come take a look and spend some time in your new favourite learning area! To connect with your peers in another way, also stop by Level 4 of Li Ka Shing Library and take a look at the SMU Literati book reviews of some of their favourite works. You may be inspired to pick up a new read!

You may already know that the Libraries provide a variety of Research Guides that curate selected resources which range from helping you learn “how to” to strategies for approaching more complex research topics. One of these guides, Library Navigator, is a one-stop research guide for students to make the most out of SMU Libraries’ services and resources. On this note, I would like highlight that, while we continue to adjust and adapt to our new environment and important health safety measures, the Libraries remain committed to addressing your queries and assisting you with your learning, teaching, and research in both digital and physical spaces.

Please do not hesitate to contact your Research Librarian for help starting your research or with more complex queries to your unique research project. The "Ask Library" chat on the Libraries' website is another way that you can reach out to us for assistance.

SMU Libraries can help you with data related research questions

How can you find out if dataset exists and locate it? What visualisation tools are available out there? Which one can you use? How to use Jupyter Notebook?

No matter what stage you're currently at on your project, the Libraries can help you with data-oriented tasks such as finding data sources, identifying and using the appropriate tools for analysis and visualisation such as Jupyter or OpenRefine, managing your dataset, and more.

Don't have any project in mind but simply want to learn? SMU Libraries conduct workshops every semester on data analysis for beginners and seasoned data handlers alike where you can learn how to apply various data-related tools to help with your research!

Find out more about the data services by SMU Libraries ➔

What are your peers reading?

IG Post from Literati Recommends

The Martian, Small Gods and One Hundred Years of Solitude… what do these books have in common?

These and seven other titles are answers to the question “What is your favourite book?” from members of SMU Literati. Find out why these books are their favourites through SMU Literati’s "Literati Recommends” posts on Instagram or read the full reviews at Level 4 of Li Ka Shing Library.

How did members of SMU Literati find the experience of reviewing their favourite books?

"I realised that because I'm often so overwhelmed with school, I tend to just consume content without just a general sense of liking, almost mindlessly. This was a nice exercise to get me to thinking and reflecting on what I liked the most about this novel, and breaking down the plot, characters, and techniques used! "

- Isabel Phua, SOSS
"Kind of a strange feeling, to pen down the details that invoked strong feelings within me. Having to fit my review within the word count was a struggle because I had numerous concepts I absolutely love being discussed but I realised explaining them at length would take away from the magic of the story. "

- Lim Yu Fang, SOA
"I must say I enjoyed getting lost in a world of fiction after quite some time and translating the journey into a book review. Prof Sumi's book review template was very smooth and understandable, enabling me to craft the review with relative ease, even as a first-timer. "

- Martin Layar, LKCSB

Freshly renovated – Graduate Lounge 1 at Li Ka Shing Library

Snapshots of new Graduate Lounge 1

Graduate Lounge 1 at Level 5 of Li Ka Shing Library has a new look!

Graduate students can now enjoy working in freshly renovated and comfortable spaces, a new project room with video conferencing capabilities, and study carrels that are more conducive to individual learning.

There is a new PGR Collaboration Space for the graduate students of SMU Research PhD programmes (PGR) too. This is a flexible space, equipped with video conferencing capabilities, to encourage PGR students to collaborate with one another, share ideas and network across inter-disciplinary programmes.

What do SMU graduate students think of the freshly renovated study and collaboration space?

"Hello! I enjoy studying at the Graduate lounge as the dividers in between the study desks allow me to have enough privacy while studying with other people. Thank you for making the library such a conducive place to study"
"Need more sockets in booth area. Others are great! :)"
"More charging points required. Overall comfortable place and good choice of furniture. Nice ambience and lighting."

Making the most out of SMU Libraries’ services and resources

Making the most out of SMU Libraries' services and resources

My Library Navigator is an one-stop research guide for students to make the most out of SMU Libraries’ services and resources. 

While created for freshmen in mind, this research guide can be useful for senior students as the content answers commonly asked questions such as “Where are the printers located in the Libraries?” or “How do you renew your borrowed items?” and introduces resources and research productivity tools that can come in handy when you are working on your assignments.

Make the most out of Libraries’ services and resources ➔

Find answers related to copyright with SMU Libraries copyright chatbot

SMU Libraries Copyright Advisor

SMU Libraries recently launched its Copyright Advisor, which is a chatbot that provides a platform for faculty and students to find answers related to copyright matters in education. The chatbot has been created as a prototype, and provides scenario-based guidance on copyright compliance and removes the need for users to navigate different sources of information. Users can find advice and guidelines on using materials created by others in teaching, learning and research activities without infringement, as well as information on creators’ intellectual property rights through the copyright chatbot.

Before this "beta" launch, the Libraries had conducted user trials with selected participants, who found the chatbot relatively easy to use and helpful at providing quick answers to some immediate questions on copyright. The Libraries hope that users will engage with the chatbot and continue to share your feedback with us.

Ask SMU Libraries' Copyright Advisor ➔

Occupancy counter

Planning to visit the Libraries?

Check the occupancy counter via the library website before coming to the library. Inline with safe-distancing measures, the occupancy currently must be limited to 1000 and 300 for Li Ka Shing Library and Kwa Geok Choo Law Library respectively.

Check occupancy counter now ➔

SMU Libraries' website is going to have a new look in October!

SMU Libraries Annual Report 2020/21

Read about how SMU Libraries fostered connectivity to information and knowledge discovery, learning opportunities, and more in SMU Libraries' 2020/21 Annual Report.

Find out more ➔

Calling all aspiring artists! Explore the art of visual storytelling in the ‘Digital Photography: Visual Diary’ workshop and exhibit your photo project during Singapore Art Week 2022.

Find out more ➔

Digital Photography:Visual Diary workshop Open Call

New Face in the Libraries - Venki Kannadasan

Venki Kannadasan

Venki is the Lead for Learning Services and School Partnerships. His main role is to develop coordinated approaches with a team of Research Librarians to provide high quality services to support the research, teaching and learning needs of faculty and students and the wider SMU community.

Prior to joining SMU, he was leading the Digital Technology and Analytics team that oversaw IT infrastructure, library systems and applications, digital portals platforms and emerging technologies in an academic library.

He enjoys running, reading, travelling and spending time with his family and friends.

New Face in the Libraries - Bella Ratmelia

Bella Ratmelia

Bella is a Data Services Librarian with the Data Services Team at SMU Libraries. Her main responsibility is to support SMU faculty and students in leveraging data analysis methods to fulfil their teaching, research and learning needs.

Before joining SMU, she serves as a reference and liaison librarian for arts, humanities, and social sciences subjects in an academic library in Singapore.

Bella loves to read, play games, and learning new things in her free time. Her current favourite readings are "Blue Period" by Tsubasa Yamaguchi and "The Mysterious Affair at Styles" by Agatha Christie.

New Face in the Libraries - Shirley Koh

Shirley Koh

Shirley is Manager, Learning and Engagement Support Services (Part-Time) at SMU Libraries. Her work responsibilities include organising and coordinating library workshops, producing online research guides, and collating library metrics. In her previous career, she wrote business case studies that have been taught at local and overseas universities.

In her free time, she reads, walks, explores local parks and watches for otters, kingfishers and hornbills (not necessarily in that order).

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