Library Service Quality Survey

Every two years, SMU Libraries conducts a comprehensive survey in which faculty, students and staff have the opportunity to rate various aspects of our services. The survey provides SMU Libraries with input to help enhance existing services and to anticipate the emerging needs of SMU faculty, students and staff.

The most recent library survey was conducted from 7 - 20 February 2022.

Library service quality survey results for 2022

It is important that the Libraries understands the needs and expectations of the SMU community. The findings shall inform the Libraries in enhancing services and resources that best meet your needs.

Survey Response Rate:
There were 3,105 respondents respondents to the survey which is approximately 23% of the survey population including postgraduates, undergraduates and administrative staff.

Key Results:

  • Overall SMU Libraries did well in most areas when comparing 2020 to 2022.
  • 50% of SMU users are likely to recommend library services to their peers.
  • Service delivery (such as assistance from library staff, answers to enquiries)
  • Learning space in the Libraries has seen the biggest improvement but remains an area where more can be done.  

Selected Comments:

  • I understand the limitations on acquiring access to certain materials but it would be great if the Libraries could make more textbooks available online! 
  • As a freshman, the library looks kinda intimidating. Especially when you're not sure which spaces need to be reserved before you can use them. I kinda wished there is stickers/guides to tell us which spaces need to be reserved and which are open on use for all on-demand. 
  • Perhaps more student contributions to the space. I think that the art exhibitions are great so perhaps even a student contributive mural or more artworks would be great to liven up the space since the facilities in place are already top-notch :) 
  • The library‚Äôs resources are meeting my needs very well. My only concern with the library is physically finding space to study in between breaks or after classes. 

Improvements related to these identified areas are currently underway. The Libraries will be looking into increasing access to e-Textbooks via sustainable or alternative platforms. A library mobile app and remote locker for after service hours will be available in the third and fourth quarters of 2022. We will be sharing comments and suggestions on the printing service and facilities of the library with our colleagues from related departments. 

We greatly appreciate your feedback. Thank you for taking the time to share with us how we are doing as well as working with the library staff to enhance the quality of our resources and services. 

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