Library Service Quality Survey

Every two years, SMU Libraries conducts a comprehensive survey in which faculty, students and staff have the opportunity to rate various aspects of our services. The survey provides SMU Libraries with input to help enhance existing services and to anticipate emerging needs of SMU faculty, students and staff.
The most recent library survey was conducted from 4 - 17 February 2020.

Library service quality survey results for 2020

It is important that the Libraries understands the needs and expectations of the SMU community. The findings shall inform the Libraries in enhancing services and resources that best meet your needs.

Survey Response Rate:
There were 2,364 respondents to the survey which is approximately 24% of the SMU community.

Key Results:

  • Overall SMU Libraries did well in most areas when comparing 2018 to 2020.
  • 50% of SMU users are likely to recommend library services to their peers.
  • The survey identified three areas for improvement:
    • The learning spaces, both for individual and group study
    • Usability of electronic resources and website
    • Way finding
  • Printing, scanning and photocopying services in the Libraries were areas that can be improved.

Selected Comments:

  • The SMU Library is performing wonderfully: Both anticipating needs, and meeting them extremely effectively
  • A very conducive area for revision (sufficient power plugs and good wifi), and has most of the resources I need when doing my assignments.
  • Everything is good! But it can get somewhat noisy in lks [Li Ka Shing Library] during peak studying periods.
  • Generally satisfied save for instances of book hogging when there is a cohort wide research paper to be completed
  • During exam period there is always seat hogging

Improvements related to these identified areas are currently underway. The Libraries will be piloting a seat occupancy initiative and conducting a website review in the 2020-2021 semester. The old graduate lounge in Li Ka Shing Library will also be upgraded. We will be sharing comments and suggestions on the printing service and general cleanliness of the library with our colleagues from related departments.

We greatly appreciate your feedback. Thank you for taking the time to share with us how we are doing as well as working with the library staff to enhance the quality of our resources and services.

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