Library Usage Policy


  • Library admits only authorized persons of SMU community.
  • SMU card / membership card is not transferable.
  • SMU card / membership card must be produced whenever requested by security staff or library staff.
  • Security staff or library staff have the right to ask users to show all books and personal belongings at the exit if deemed required.
  • View Student Cards' Terms and Conditions.


  • SMU Libraries' Code of Conduct applies to all activities in the library.
  • Security staff or library staff have the right to ask any person to leave the library if he/she does not comply with the Code of Student Conduct.
  • Offenders will be reported to the Dean of Students and may be barred from entering the library.

Library Materials

  • Mutilation and theft of library materials are offences punishable by law and, in the case of all SMU persons, are also disciplinary offences.
  • Offenders will be reported to the Dean of Students and may be barred from entering the library.
  • View Guidelines to Non-Academic Sanctions.
  • Mutilation should be reported before borrowing.
  • Users are responsible for all loans charged to their accounts and materials must be returned in good condition.
  • Borrowers are required to pay for library materials found damaged or mutilated.


  • No food in the Library.
  • No smoking in the library.


  • Sleeping outstretched in the library is not allowed.


  • The library provides a variety of spaces for different learning needs.
  • Learning Commons, open areas and project rooms are for collaborative learning. Here, conversational noise is to be expected.
  • Quiet Areas on Levels 2, 4 and 5 are for individual learning. Please keep conversations brief and the volume to a minimum.
  • Excessive noise above ordinary conversation level is prohibited throughout the building.
  • Library users are expected to respect the needs of one another. Students are encouraged to be proactive and approach other students who are noisy or disruptive to be more considerate.

Unattended Belongings

  • The Library will not be held responsible for the loss, theft or damage of any unattended belongings.
  • Security staff or library staff have the right to remove any items or unattended belongings left within the Library premises if deemed necessary.
  • When there are insufficient seats to meet the demand, students are empowered to remove any items left unattended for more than 30 minutes.
  • Please hand over any lost and found items to the Security Desk.

Library privileges are suspended if:

  • Outstanding loans or fines are not settled or
  • Users receive disciplinary action(s).

SMU Card / membership card

  • SMU card / membership card, when lost, must be reported immediately to prevent unauthorised use.
  • Users can report the loss to Library Desk (Level 2) / 6828-0355 /
  • Users are held responsible for all loans charged to their account till the time the card is reported lost.
  • External members may replace their membership card with the Library at a non-refundable fee of S$50.00.
  • Valid SMU card or membership card must be presented when borrowing.
  • Users are required to notify the Library (6828-0355 / immediately of any changes to their particulars (e.g. postal address, email address).

Library fines

Photo / Video Taking

  • No photo or video taking is allowed in library unless prior written arrangements have been made with the Office of Corporate Communications and Marketing or the Library.