VK Rajah SC, Mr Quentin Loh SC and the partners of Rajah & Tann

The Library received a comprehensive set of law reports and reference materials donated jointly by Mr VK Rajah SC and the partners of Rajah & Tann as well as Mr Quentin Loh SC (who is presently also a partner of Rajah & Tann).

The University is particularly grateful to Messrs Rajah and Loh for their kindness and generosity which will aid immeasurably in the teaching of law as well as the development of legal scholarship within SMU in general and its Law Department in particular. Both Mr Mr. Rajah and Mr Loh are leading lights in the Singapore legal fraternity.  The donation was part of the law library of Rajah & Tann.

Rajah & Tann is one of the early law firms that was completely formed by Singaporeans. The practice began with a few lawyers and a limited number of practice areas. The firm has a dynamic regional presence which covers a large part of Asia, including South Asia, Indochina, Indonesia, Japan and Malaysia.