New interactive resource on Plagiarism

Students may unknowingly plagiarise if they are not familiar with the correct way of citing and referencing. “Avoiding Plagiarism through the APA Style” is a new interactive elearn course to learn how to avoid this possible pitfall.

Designed as stand-alone topics with a quiz, students will learn more about:  

  • In-Text Citations; Reference List; Citation Generation Tools
  • SMU's Stand on Plagiarism; How to Avoid Plagiarism
  • Plagiarism Plague; Forms of Plagiarism; How Plagiarism is Detected

If you think your students will benefit from this resource, please contact rajen [at] for enrolment. 

For a preview of the topics, click on the images below:

Topic 1  Introduction

In this topic you will learn more about:

  • Plagiarism Plague
  • Forms of Plagiarism
  • How Plagiarism is Detected
  • SMU's Stand on Plagiarism
  • How to Avoid Plagiarism

Topic 2  Citation Components

In this topic you will learn more about:

  • 6 Common Resource Types: Website; Social Media and Email; Report; E-Journal; Book and Book Chapter; Newspaper Article
  • Introducing the 4Ws: Who; What; Where; When
  • Identifying 4Ws in the Resources

Topic 3  In-Text Citations

In this topic, you will learn more about:

  • How to Cite
  • Variations: Nature of Citation
  • Variations: Number of Authors
  • Variations: Organisation as Author
  • Variations: No Author
  • Other Variations of In-Text Citations

Topic 4  Reference List

In this topic you will learn more about:

  • Reference List
  • Format of a Reference List
  • Create Your Own Reference List: Steps 1-4
  • Variations of References

Topic 5  Citation Generation

In this topic you will learn more about:

  • David Asking for Help from Stephanie
  • Online Tools: Library Search; Google Scholar; ZoteroBib
  • David’s Sharing on the Challenges
  • Citation Management Software