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Sale of Course Packets

20 Dec 2017
Term 2 2017/2018

Students may order and pay for their course packets for Term 2, online through OASIS. The library will process the orders once full payment has been made and will notify students to collect them from the library at a later date. These course packs are now ready for purchase:

Library Distribution
Faculty Name Course Title Course Code Selling Price ($)
Anne-Valerie Ohlsson-Corboz Corporate Entrepreneurship and Innovation MGMT104 18.80
Kenneth Goh Social Entrepreneurship MGMT223 30.80
Millie Su Strategy MGMT102 34.70
Yang Kum Khiong  Operations Management  OPIM201 18.80

Faculty Distribution
Faculty Name Course Title Course Code Selling Price ($)
Abhijith G. Acharya Strategy MGMT102 8.10
Abhijith G. Acharya International Business MGMT205 18.70
Anne-Valerie Ohlsson-Corboz Leading New Ventures to Growth MGMT310 8.40
Buket AVCI  Sustainable Operations  OPIM318  21.30

Course pack collection will end 30 March 2018.

Students can go to the following websites and make their own case purchase if required:

Please note that it takes about 5 working days to process and print the course packets. Hence, students are encouraged to purchase their course packet early.  A guide is available for your reference. The library will no longer conduct over-the-counter sales.

Sales Period        : 22 December 2017 – 2 March 2018
Collection Venue : Desk, Level 2, Li Ka Shing Library

Last updated on 24 Jan 2018 .