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Streaming Videos for Teaching & Learning

31 Oct 2017


Do you need videos to engage your lecture, enrich project presentation and ignite discussion?

The SMU Libraries have a compilation of streaming videos that you can use:

Currently SMU has access to more than 1,000 business videos, which include economics, globalization and case studies.

Advertising at the edge of the apocalypse

The man who discovered capitalism

2.Seven Dimensions
Bite-sized videos on personal development, communications, and OBHR.

Entrepreneur skills

How to avoid decisions

3. Alexander Street
(Trial until 10 Dec) Trial access for SMU to more than 20,000 academic videos across disciplines.

Managing the responsible supply chain

Could a robot do my job?

4. HS Talks (Trial until 30 Nov)
Trial access for SMU to more than 1,800 business and management lectures.

Pricing strategy with business intelligence

Big data collection and dataset cleaning

Questions? Feedback? Should Library subscribe to the trial videos? Do let us know! (

Last updated on 31 Oct 2017 .