JustCite and Justis migrate to JustisOne

Starting today, the following databases will be migrating to a new platform called JustisOne:

  • Justcite
  • Justis Aspinall's Maritime Cases
  • Justis CCH Tax Cases
  • Justis Celex, Official Journal C and OJ Daily
  • Justis International Law Reports
  • Justis Times Law Reports

Access to the individual databases listed above will cease at the end of December. 

JustisOne will continue providing access to a comprehensive collection of common law cases and enables you to find related cases, as well as cases and legislation from other services and publishers. Some of its features include highlighting the most quoted passages of a judgment and connecting cases across multiple jurisdictions.

JustisOne will have access to the “EU Core” content. This provides complete coverage of EU Law including EU legislation, International Agreements and case law, among others. Other subscribed collections include Times Law Reports, Aspinall's Maritime Cases, CCH Tax Cases, and International Law Reports.

Need help? Contact Yee Xin (yxchai [at] smu.edu.sg)Law Research Librarian or see JustisOne video guide