Amplifying Research Impact: Ink hits 8 Million Downloads

Amplifying Research Impact: Ink hits 8 Million Downloads

InK, SMU’s institutional repository, hosts open access papers authored by SMU researchers. It's primary objective is to amplify the reach and impact of SMU research.

Open access papers are generally found to enjoy a citation advantage over their paywalled counterparts*.


Ready to amplify your impact through open access?

Email us the Accepted Version** of your paper, we'll take care of the rest from updating IRIS to making your papers open access on InK.

** Accepted Version is the final manuscript of your paper post-peer review, and prior to the publisher's official version.

*Paper citations:

Langham-Putrow, A., Bakker, C., & Riegelman, A. (2021). Is the open access citation advantage real? A systematic review of the citation of open access and subscription-based articles. PLOS ONE, 16(6).

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