InK hits 6 million downloads

InK hits 6 million downloads


Dear SMU Community

SMU research publications have been downloaded 6 million times from InK, our institutional repository. The downloads for our open access papers are mostly from educational institutions located in United States, United Kingdom and Germany. From Asia, the downloads are mostly from Singapore, India, China, Philippines and Malaysia. These are the countries where SMU research has high visibility.

We thank all SMU community members who have worked with our library team over the years to include their papers and publications in InK. We encourage you to continue doing so.

The top downloaded faculty publications for each school in the last year were:

Lee Kong Chian School of Business
Kniffin, K. M., …, Bhave, Devasheesh P., …, Sirola, Nina, et al. 2021. COVID-19 and the workplace: Implications, issues, and insights for future research and action. American Psychologist.
School of Accountancy
Seow, Poh Sun & Pan, Gary. 2014. A literature review of the impact of extracurricular activities participation on students' academic performance. Journal of Education for Business.
School of Computing and Information Systems
Mok, Heng Ngee. 2014. Teaching tip: Flipped classroom. Journal of Information Systems Education.
School of Economics
Ho, Kong Weng & Marcus Tan. 2021. Challenges to social mobility in Singapore. In The Singapore economy: Dynamism and inclusion. Routledge.
Yong Pung How School of Law
Chen, Siyuan. 2015. Re-assessing the evidentiary regime of the International Court of Justice: A case for codifying its discretion to exclude evidence. International Commentary on Evidence.
School of Social Sciences
Kong, Lily & Yeoh, Brenda. 1997. The construction of national identity through the production of ritual and spectacle: An analysis of National Day Parades in Singapore. Political Geography.

Lien Centre publications were well downloaded with the top downloaded report being: Hunger in a food lover's paradise: Understanding food insecurity in Singapore. 2018.