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Let's stay connected


Having close relationships can make us happier and healthier. However, we may not be intuitively skilled at cultivating them. How can we cultivate closer relationships?

SMU Libraries, in support of the SMU Mental Health Awareness Week and the UN’s SDG Goal 3, "Good Health and Well-being", invite you to delve into the art of forming, nurturing, and maintaining relationships.

Visit the book display at Level 2 at the Li Ka Shing Library until 29 October 2021 if you are in the Library.


Articles from New York Times (NYT)

Ever felt jealous of a friend’s achievement? Here’s how to get around it

How to be a better listener

How to get your friends to stop treating you like a therapist

How to have closer friendships (and why you need them)

How to maintain friendships

They left me out and I saw it all

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Other Articles

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Boosting Your Emotional Intelligence: Social Intelligence

The power & science of social connection

How to keep a friend


Wellness Kiosk: Managing relationships (Mrs Wong Kwok Leong Student Wellness Centre)

Accept the awkwardness: How to make friends (And keep them)

Daniel Goleman : Emotional Intelligence 101

Title / Author

A networked self and platforms, stories, connections / Zizi Papacharissi

Li Ka Shing Library   Level 3    HM741.N455 2018

A tremendous thing : Friendship from the Iliad to the internet / Gregory Jusdanis


A tribe called bliss : Break through superficial friendships, create real connections, reach your highest potential / Lori Harder


Connecting across cultures : The helper's toolkit / Pamela A. Hays

Li Ka Shing Library   Level 3    HM1271.H397 2013

Difficult conversations : Craft a clear message, manage emotions, focus on a solution / Harvard Business Review

Li Ka Shing Library   Level 3    HF5718.D54 2016

Emotional intelligence : Managing emotions to make a positive impact on your life and career / Gill Hasson


Emotional intelligence pocketbook : Little exercises for an intuitive life / Gill Hasson


Emotional intelligence training / Karl Mulle


Emotionally intelligent leadership : A guide for students / Marcy Levy Shankman, Scott J. Allen, Paige Haber-Curran, & Paige Haber-Curran


Emotionally intelligent leadership for students : Student workbook / Marcy Levy Shankman, Scott J. Allen, Paige Haber-Curran, & Paige Haber-Curran


Feelings / Stephen Frosh

Li Ka Shing Library   Level 4    BF531.F77 2011

Friends forever how girls and women forge lasting relationships / Suzanne Degges-White  & Christine Borzumato-Gainey


Friendships : Types, cultural, psychological and social aspects / Joan C Toller

Li Ka Shing Library   Level 4    BF575.F66 F76 2010

HBR guide to networking : Branch out, give and receive, make smart / HBR

Li Ka Shing Library   Level 4    HD69.S8 H34 2012

How to change absolutely anything / Damian Hughes


Interpersonal savvy : Building and maintaining solid working relationships / Center for Creative Leadership & Bill Gentry


Joy, guilt, anger, love : What neuroscience can and can't tell us about how we feel / Giovanni Frazzetto

Li Ka Shing Library   Level 4    BF511.F73 2014

Personal connections in the digital age / Nancy K. Baym

Li Ka Shing Library   Level 3    HM1106.B38 2015

Quiet : The power of introverts in a world that can't stop talking / Susan Cain

Li Ka Shing Library   Level 4    BF698.35.I59 C35 2012

Quiet influence the introvert's guide to making a difference / Jennifer B Kahnweiler


Shut up, stop whining, and get a life : A kick-butt approach to a better life / Larry Winget

Li Ka Shing Library   Lifestyle Collection Level 2    BF698.35.I59 K56 2015

The art of communicating / Thich Nhat Hanh

Li Ka Shing Library   Level 4    BL629.5.C67 N43 2013

The developing mind : How relationships and the brain interact to shape who we are / Daniel J. Siegel


The EQ edge emotional intelligence and your success / Steven J. Stein & Howard E. Book


The mindfulness toolbox for relationships : 50 practical tips, tools and handouts for building compassionate connections / Donald Altman


The rules of love : A personal code for happier, more fulfilling relationships / Richard Templar


The student EQ edge : Emotional intelligence and your academic and personal success / Steven J. Stein, Howard E. Book, & Korrel Kanoy


U chic : The college girl's guide to everything: dealing with dorms, classes, sororities, social media, dating, staying safe, and making the most out of the best four years of your life / Christie Garton


Understanding emotional intelligence / Gill Hasson