SMU Libraries Curate: Man Up!

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Dear SMU Community,

The archetypal ideal man is often understood to be strong, stoic, and financially successful, but where does this leave other men? As gender norms shift and expectations for men change, society is confronted with the age-old question of what it means to be a man. Does the notion of masculinity also encompass men who choose to be stay-at-home fathers; embrace traditionally “feminine” career paths; or embrace their emotions?

This month, SMU Libraries provide a selection of resources discussing what masculinity means in the contemporary context, and how pre-existing gender constructs affect and influence the lives of men around the world. 


Confucian masculinity: State advocacy of active fatherhood in Singapore

Men’s mental health: Spaces and places that work for men

Meta-analyses of the relationship between conformity to masculine norms and mental health-Related Outcomes

“Not your average nerd”: Masculinities, privilege, and academic effort at an elite university

Social media behavior, toxic masculinity, and depression

“Talk about it”: Changing masculinities and mental health in rural places?

The influence of masculinity and the moderating role of religion on the workplace well-being of factory workers in China

(Un)tethered masculinities, (mis)placed modernities: Queering futurity in contemporary Singapore
*Woods, Orlando

What is “Toxic Masculinity” and why does it matter?

*SMU author


Modern masculinity video series

The boy game

Tough guise: Violence, media, and the crisis in masculinity


Remaking manhood: The healthy masculinity podcast

The art of manliness

The relaxed male

Title / Author

Japan, 1972 : Visions of masculinity in an age of mass consumerism / Yoshikuni Igarashi


Mask off masculinity redefined / JJ Bola


Men, masculinities and the modern career: Contemporary and historical perspectives / Kadri Aavik, Clarice Bland, Josephine Hoegaerts & Janne Tuomas Vilhelm Salminen (Editors)


Men and masculinities in Southeast Asia / Michele Ford & Lenore Lyons


The new politics of fatherhood men's movements and masculinities / Ana Jordan


The tough standard : The hard truths about masculinity and violence / Ronald F. Levant & Shana Pryor


Thou art the man: The masculinity of David in the Christian and Jewish middle ages / Ruth Mazo Karras


Toxic masculinity: Mapping the monstrous in our heroes / Esther De Dauw & Daniel J.Connell