Stairway to Knowledge: Selected Books by SMU Faculty

Stairway to Knowledge: Selected Books by SMU Faculty

Stairway to Knowledge is a installation of selected books written by faculty of Singapore Management University (SMU). This "Book Stairs" was conceived in conjunction with SMU's 15th anniversary

These are the featured publications. Click on the link to find out how to access the title. 

Staircase Level 2 to Level 3 (1st flight)



RFID Security and Privacy

Li Yingjiu & Robert Deng & Elisa Bertino

Query Answer Authentication

Pang Hwee Hwa & Kian-Lee Tan

Business Opportunities in Northeastern China

John Joseph Williams & Soon Beng Chew & Yong Cao & Low Aik Meng

Accounting and Productivity: Answering the big questions

Gary Pan & Themin Suwardy

Learning Guide to Economics

Tan Swee Liang

Financial Mathematics for Actuaries

Wai-Sum Chan & Tse Yiu Kuen

Market-based assets shareholder value : a framework for analysis

Rajendra K Srivastava & Tasadduq A Shervani & Liam Fahey

Organizing around Intelligence the New Paradigm

Liang Thow Yick

Competing for Global Talent

Christiane Kuptsch & Pang Eng Fong

Ethics and social responsibility : Asian and Western perspectives

Gary Chan & George T. L. Shenoy

Constitutional Review in Europe: A Comparative Analysis

Maartje De Visser

Choice of law for equitable doctrines

Yeo Tiong Min

Thinking Hats and Coloured Turbans

Kirpal Singh

Culture influences the ingredients of a good life and conceptualizations of happiness

Christie Napa Scollon & Wirtz D. & Wei X.


Staircase Level 2 to Level 3 (2nd flight)



Advances of Computational Intelligence in Industrial Systems

Ying Liu & Aixin Sun & Han Tong Loh & Wen Feng Lu & Lim Ee-Peng

Advances in Mobile Commerce Technologies

Lim Ee-Peng & Keng Siau

Managerial Accounting: An Asian Perspective

Ray Garrison & Eric Noreen & Peter Brewer & Cheng Nam Sang & Katherine Yuen

Development Experience of Singapore

Teck Meng Tan & Low Aik Meng & Seng Bee Chew

The Oxford Handbook of Applied Nonparametric and Semiparametric Econometrics and Statistics

Su Liangjun & Aman Ullah & Jeffrey Racine

Nonlife Actuarial Models: Theory, Methods and Evaluation

Tse Yiu Kuen

The Ruling Class: Management and Politics in Modern Italy

Tito Boeri & Antonio Merlo & Andrea Pra & Massimiliano Landi

Using SAS in financial research

Ekkehart Boehmer & John P. Broussard & Juha-Pekka Kallunki

Brainfruit. Turning Creativity into Cash from East to West

Hugh Mason & Mark Chong

Contract Formation: Law and Practice

Michael Furmston & Gregory Tolhurst & Eliza Mik

Contemporary Challenges in Regulating Global Crises

Mark Findlay

Moore's Paradox: New Essays on Belief, Rationality and the First Person

Mitchell S. Green & John Williams

European Union Sanctions and Foreign Policy: When and Why do they Work?

Clara Portela


Staircase Level 3 to Level 4 (1st flight)



Business Process Engineering Methodology

Venkataramanan Shankararaman & Tan Kar Way & Srinivas Thonse & Mayank Gupta & Nivedita P. Deshmukh

Financial Reporting in Singapore: Cases and Readings

Themin Suwardy

Introductory Statistics

Chow Hwee Kwan & Aurobindo Ghosh & Denis Leung & Tse Yiu Kuen

Monetary Financial Management in Asia in the 21st Century

Augustine Tan

The Culture of Management

Stephen Matthias Harney

SMEs and International Partner Search

Tan Wee Liang

Strategy:  Analysis and Practice (2nd edition)

Howard Thomas & John McGee & David Wilson

Inventing Entrepreneurs: Technology Innovators and their Entrepreneurial Journey

Gerard George & A. Bock

Read the Fine Print: Avoiding Major Legal Pitfalls

Low Kee Yang

Contract Law in Singapore

Andrew Phang & Goh Yihan

The Law of Torts in Singapore

Gary Chan & Pei Woan Lee

Small Works: Poverty and Economic Development In Southwestern China

John Andrew Donaldson

Thinking Things Through: An Introduction to Analytical Skills

Ilya Farber & T. Brian Mooney & Mark Nowacki & Tan Yoo Guan & John Williams

The Coming Democracy: New Rules for Running a New World

Ann Florini


Staircase Level 3 to Level 4 (2nd flight)



A Journey into the IT Jungle

Benjamin Gan & Lee Yeow Leong & Lian Chee Koh

Introductory Statistics Guidebook

Rosie Ching

The Chinese Tao of Business : The Logic of Successful Business Strategy

G Haley & U Haley & Tan Chin Tiong

Negotiation Excellence: Successful Deal Making

Michael Benoliel

Principles of Singapore business law

George TL Shenoy & Loo Wee Ling

Business and human rights in Southeast Asia : risk and the regulatory turn

Mahdev Mohan & Cynthia Morel

Reading law in Singapore

Tang Hang Wu & Michael Hor & Nicholas Poon

Political Dimensions of Corporate Connections

Nicholas Harrigan & Bond Matthew

Sexual conflict in mating strategies

Norman Li & Sng O. & Jonsan P. K.


Staircase Level 4 to Level 5 (1st flight)



Innovative Entrepreneurs Workbook

Arcot Desai Narasimhalu

Social media modeling and computing

Steven Hoi ... et al.

Financial Reporting and Disclosure: An Adaptation to Singapore Financial Reporting Standards

Pearl Tan

Understanding Financial Statements: A Case-Based Approach

Themin Suwardy

Liquidity, speculation, and the demand for money : a temporary general equilibrium model

Bryce Hool

Personal Financial Planning

Benedict Koh & W. M. Fong & Francis Koh

Global Future: The next challenge for Asian Business

Arnoud De Meyer … et al.

Family Life Cycle & Money Management Model                               

Francis Koh & Thomas Tan & Han Jin-Kyung

Understanding Criminal Law

S. Chandra Mohan

Justice as friendship : a theory of law

Tan Seow Hon

International commercial disputes : commercial conflict of laws in English courts

Jonathan Hill & Adeline  Chong

Analytical skills : constructing and evaluating arguments

Tan Yoo Guan & Mar Nowacki & Wong Yew Leong & John Williams

The politics of landscapes in Singapore : constructions of "nation" 

Lily Kong & Brenda S.A. Yeoh

Westernizations of Business Organizations in Japan and China

Chung Wai Keung


Staircase Level 4 to Level 5 (2nd flight)



GECON 2006 : Proceedings of the 3rd International Workshop on Grid Economics and Business Models, Singapore, 16 May 2006

Steven Miller & Lee Hing-Yan

Contemporary Issues in Accounting

Pang Yang Hoong

People matter : essays by David Chan

David Chan

Essays on Equity Joint Ventures, Uncertainty and Experience

Ilya Cuypers

Financial Management

Ang Ser Keng & Annie Koh & Eugene Brigham & Michael Ehrhardt

Invisible Gold in Asia: Creating Wealth Through Intellectual Property

David Llewelyn

Mergers and acquisitions in Singapore: Law and practice

Wan Wai Yee & Umakanth Varottil

Chinese Identity in Post-Suharto Indonesia: Culture, Politics and Media

Hoon Chang Yau

Hong Kong on the move : 10 years as the HKSAR 

James Tang


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