Succeed In Online Learning

Succeed In Online Learning

Dear Students,

Are you ready for online learning in the upcoming Term?

Join your peers, the Library Peer Advisors (LPAs), as they conduct workshops on online learning TOOLS your Profs will use in a virtual classroom and how to orient yourself towards a positive online learning MINDSET with some personal stories!

Sound like learning opportunities that you have been looking out for? Wait no more! REGISTRATION IS OPEN!

Session 1

4pm - 5pm
18 August

Orient Your Mindsets - Top 5 Online Learning Hacks
#1 Online Study Skills
#2 Online Communication Skills
#3 Online Collaboration
#4 Online Group Work
#5 Netiquette for Online Students

Session 2

4pm - 5pm
19 August

Learn the Tools Your Profs Will Use - Web Conferencing & Collaboration Tools
Covering WebEx, Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and Google Apps.

Session 3

4pm - 5pm
20 August

Learn the Tools Your Profs Will Use - eLearn & Custom Tools
Covering where to find what in eLearn and features such as finding free slots for scheduling project meetings and more.

All workshops will be held online and a link will be sent to all participants prior to each workshop, so do SIGN UP ahead!

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