Services to External Libraries

SMU Libraries lend and supply copies of resources from our collection to libraries in Singapore and overseas. Libraries seeking ILL arrangement with SMU will need to have an account with the library. Please complete the account request form and email it to: library [at] (subject: Interlibrary%20Loan) .

How to make a request?

Please send your requests to library [at] (subject: Interlibrary%20Loan) . ILL requests are processed Monday through Friday, 8:30am to 5:30pm. Electronic items are delivered by email. Book loans are delivered via courier to the requesting library. 

Who we lend to?

As part of the reciprocal nature of Interlibrary Loan we share resources with local and international libraries. We lend library to library only. Individuals who would like to request an item from SMU Libraries should contact their institution or public library to place a request.

What cannot be requested?

Books from the Reserves collection Books from the Special collections Journal issues, magazines, newspapers Theses Audio-visual materials

How much does it cost and how long does it take?



Article cost

Delivery time 

Loan Cost

Loan duration


Singapore Libraries

S$15 for first 10 pages, S$2 for every subsequent 10 pages  

By email (within 5 working days) 

S$10 per book (requesting library arranges their own collection) 

3 weeks (including weekends and public holidays) 


International Libraries

S$15 for first 10 pages, S$2 for every subsequent 10 pages  

By email (within 5 working days) 

2 IFLA vouchers or S$30 plus courier fees 

6 weeks (including weekends and public holidays 

Subject to Approval 

There will be a 7% Goods and Service Tax charged to the cost for Singapore libraries. 


Are there charges for late, lost and damaged items?

Late returns will incur overdue fines at S$1 per day.  

 The requesting library is responsible for borrowed materials from the time they leave SMU Libraries’ premises until they have been returned and received by SMU Libraries. If damage or loss occurs, the requesting library is responsible for compensation or replacement.  Applicable charges will be advised by SMU Libraries. 

Who should I contact?

SMU Libraries
library [at] (subject: Interlibrary%20Loan)
+65 6828 0355