Welcome to the SMU Libraries webpage for SMU Alumni. 

Library Services for Alumni at a Glance:

All SMU Alumni will have the following services made available to them.

  • Access to physical spaces at selected periods throughout the year
  • Access to magazine subscriptions at discounted rate:
  • Access to physical spaces (only to selected periods during school and vacation terms)

(Note: Due to the Covid – 19 space restrictions, SMU Libraries will only be able to offer this after current restrictions have been lifted. It should be noted that active students and faculty of SMU will have priority in accessing library spaces)

Extend your privileges. Be a SMU Alumni Library member

Sign up for an SMU Alumni Library Membership to enjoy even more privileges such as:

  • Loan of physical resources
  • Access to selected databases both on-campus and off-campus
  • Receive invites to events, curated tours and bite-sized workshops organised by the SMU Libraries
    (Note: Current SMU students and faculty will have higher priority when registering for tours and bite-sized workshops)


Library Services for Alumni

The following services are available to all SMU Alumni, free of charge.

  • Access to physical spaces
    • Physical access to both the Li Ka Shing Library and Kwa Geok Choo Law Library during these specific periods:
    • January - March (Start of Academic Term - Before Recess Week)
    • June - August (Summer Term)
    • August - October (Start of Academic Term - Before Recess Week)
    • November - December (Vacation)

Alumni need to show the Alumni e-card to the Security Personnel and register at the Security Counter prior to entry to the Library.


SMU Alumni Library Membership

The annual fee for SMU Alumni library membership is S$200.  The membership provides the following privileges to the Alumni.

  1. Access to physical spaces
    • Physical access to both the Li Ka Shing Library and Kwa Geok Choo Law Library during library operating hours.
    • Alumni can also request to use designated spaces within the libraries for hosting networking events, of non-commercial nature, during vacation period.
      (See “Note” under “Library Services for Alumni at a Glance.”)

  2. Loan of physical resources
    • Six physical items with the following loan duration:
      • 28 days (General Collection)
      • 3 hours (Reserves)
      • 7 days (Magazine)
      There will be fines for the late return of loaned physical resources. Fines  are instituted to encourage the prompt return of library items for the convenience of all our users. 

  3. Access of selected databases onsite
    • List of databases for Alumni
    • Alumni with the SMU Alumni Library Membership can access selected databases using the library computer Terminal 17 (except for Business Source Alumni).

      Appropriate Use of Electronic Resources Policy 
      The subscribed e-resources, including databases, datasets, e-journals and e-books, are subject to copyright and are licensed to the University for non-profit, academic research, learning and teaching purposes only. The use of these resources, including the making of copies, must comply with the provisions of the Copyright Act and the terms of relevant license agreements. Dissemination or other use of these resources for commercial purposes is strictly prohibited. Users are also expected to appropriately acknowledge the source of all materials used.

  4. Access to SMU Libraries’ virtual reference services (Upcoming – look out for more details)
  5. Attend events, curated tours and bite-sized workshops organise by SMU Libraries, e.g, Bite-sized library workshops, SMU Art Collection tour (Upcoming – look out for more details)

My Library Account

You can login to My Library Account on the library’s website to: 

  • view / renew your borrowed items 
  • view your borrowing history 

Library Opening Hours 

Check the current opening hours.