Learn basic data and library skills by reviewing recordings of Bite-Sized workshops – 2022/2023

Learn basic data and library skills from Bite-Sized videos

by Dong Danping, Librarian, Research Services

By Bella Ratmelia, Librarian, Data Services

By Tee Lip Hwe, Research Librarian, Business (Finance) & Accountancy

SMU Libraries recently concluded our bite-sized workshops held from Aug-Sept 2022. Here are some recorded workshops of interest that you might have missed

Data Extracting from WRDS using Python

Conducted by Tee Lip Hwe, Research Librarian, Business (Finance) & Accountancy and Aaron Ttay, Lead Data Services, this workshop covers the following:

  • Basics of WRDS – Wharton Research Data Services, an important finance, accounting and economics platform of datasets subscribed to by SMU
  • Use of Python library WRDS – demonstrates basic use of the WRDS library to extract data.

Python 101 Part 2: Tinkering with Pandas' DataFrame

Conducted by Bella Ratmelia, Research Data Services Librarian, this workshop focuses on basic use of Pandas Dataframes, a staple of Data Science.

In fact, in the workshop above, the WRDS python library extracts datasets in Dataframes and if you need a refresher on how to handle Dataframes, this workshop is for you.

Demystifying Citation Impact

New to the world of using citations for measuring impact? Join Dong Danping, Research Services librarian share about Journal rankings, citation metrics, impact factors and more.