Breezing Into The New Normal - Pursuing Leisure Online

Dear SMU Community,

The global COVID-19 outbreaks have forced many into a "new normal", where the quick move to the digital environment has changed the way they learn, work and play. How can we be productive and resilient in an online setting?

In this third and final part of the "Breezing into the New Normal" series, we have put together some resources that explore the impact that digital transformation has on the way we pursue leisure.

Book Title / Author

Mobile Gaming In Asia : Politics, Culture And Emerging Technologies / Dal Yong Jin


Online Game Pioneers at Work / Morgan Ramsay &Richard A. Bartle


Retail Isn't Dead: Innovative Strategies For Brick And Mortar Retail Success / Matthias Spanke


The End Of Cinema? : A Medium In Crisis In The Digital Age / André. Gaudreault, Philippe Marion & Tim Barnard


Watch Me Play: Twitch And The Rise of Game Live Streaming / T.L Taylor


Combating A Crisis: The Psychology Of Singapore’s Response To Covid-19 / David Chan

e-Book (Coming Soon)

Article / Author

An Innovative Art Gallery Demonstrates How To Show And Sell Art Online; Open All Hours

'Beginning Of A New Era': How Culture Went Virtual In The Face Of Crisis

Factors Influencing Online Shopping Behaviour: A Review Of Motivating And Deterrent Factors

How I Got My Kids Into Theater: Online Shows That Put Them To Work (And Play)

Keep Calm And Play On: The Rise of Digital Leisure

Light After The Lockdown — The Future Of Performing Arts

Light After The Lockdown — The Future Of Books

Light After The Lockdown — The Future Of Visual Arts

The Big Read: Life After Circuit Breaker – Retail, Entertainment And Leisure Won’t Be The Same Again

Podcast / Author

Does Online Networking Work?

(17:29 min)

LIVE EPISODE: ...With Live Performance In The Digital Age / What on Earth is Going On?

(86 min)

The Mystery Of Mukbang

(26:29 min)

Viewing Art In The Digital Age (Part I)

(32:41 min)

Viewing Art In The Digital Age (Part II)

(30:27 min)


Art In The Age Of Instagram

(13:23 min)

Bet Raise Fold - The Story Of Online Poker

(1hr 41 min)

Online Dating And Its Global Impact

(3:49 min)

Online Grocery Shopping

(50:12 min)

Video Streaming Could Shatter The Cable TV Industry For Good

(4:32 min)

Visiting Museums Online

(4:32 min)