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The Library Playlist - February Edition 2021

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Bethany Wilkes

University Librarian Shares...

Welcome to the Library Playlist! This “playlist” aims to provide you with selected stories and shorts that keep you up-to-date with the various happenings at your Libraries. Keep an eye out for a curated playlist of tunes and videos amongst the news as well!

As we move into 2021, I am pleased to share with you some of the new strategies, initiatives and activities that the Libraries have been engaging in and have underway.

We are excited to launch our Strategic Plan 2021-2025, which aligns our work with SMU 2025: Growing Impact, Cultivating Change, and outlines directions and goals which will guide us in the upcoming years to provide optimal library experiences and services.

This Term it is wonderful to see students back on campus, and particularly in the Libraries. We have missed you! The Libraries are not only preferred places to study, but also provide digital and physical spaces to cultivate connections, entrepreneurialism, and diverse learning experiences in sustainable spaces. In fact, this is one of our strategic directions.

Recently, art has taken over the Li Ka Shing Library spaces! Works from the student photography exhibition Annotations are interspersed on levels two and three. A new donation of calligraphy has been added to the University’s Art Collection, adding beautiful elements for contemplation to level four. And now you can further explore SMU’s Art Collection virtually, as we just launched the SMU Art Collection microsite.

Many thanks to SMUSA for incorporating questions relating to the Libraries in the SMUSA survey last semester. I am thrilled that, despite the challenges of this past year, the Library continues to help students positively and is a place where students feel connected and a part of university life.

You may have noticed that fake news has been prevalent throughout the Covid-19 pandemic. As information professionals, librarians can provide strategies and approaches for critically examining news sources. Librarians are also available to work with students to improve their research skills in the rapidly changing digital information landscape, as well as to work with faculty to support and advance their research and teaching. We at SMU Libraries look forward to another year of collaboration, partnerships, and learning.

SMU Libraries have a new Vision, Mission and Strategic Plan

“To be a world-renowned university library. We advance research, education, complex problem solving, and cultivate lifelong learning through innovative approaches, information discovery and strategic partnerships to achieve meaningful impact.”

The Libraries have a new vision, mission and strategic plan. SMU Libraries’ Strategic Plan 2021- 2025 is aligned with SMU 2025 and draws upon the evolving needs and expectations of our stakeholders. Here are highlights of our new strategic directions.

Empower information and knowledge discovery
Easy access to relevant, responsive Library and open resources furthers the research, teaching, and self-directed learning needs of the SMU community

Advance and champion research
SMU conducts and produces leading research. The Libraries’ active and robust research support furthers research for the greatest exposure and societal impact.

Further digital competence
Information, research, and data literacy contribute to graduate learning outcomes and successful, critical engagement with the digital information landscape.

Cultivate connections, entrepreneurialism, and diverse learning experiences in sustainable spaces
The Libraries’ spaces, physical and virtual, are active environments that inspire and educate through collaboration, curation, events, arts, and expertise.

Alongside the strategic plan, some library staff are taking on new roles and responsibilities, and you may notice some title changes in the Libraries’ staff directory. SMU Libraries appreciates your continued support as we embark on these new strategic directions.

Read the Libraries’ Strategic Plan 2021 – 2025 ➔

Strategic Plan

Art takes over SMU Libraries

Resilience by Shabbir Akhtar

Twelve students from last year’s Open Call participated in a ‘Digital Photography: Visual Diary’ workshop with Objectifs, and are now presenting their photo project in an exhibition titled Annotations at Li Ka Shing Library. Their photographic narratives are embedded across the library on the 2nd and 3rd floor.

The exhibition will be on view till 28 February 2021, and features the photo projects of Andrea Vincent, Celeste Wong, Dhriti Trehan, Jerald Heng, Makarios Tang Way, Meutia Ananda, Prarthana Chandani, Shabbir Akhtar, Tan Huei Suen, Vishakha Choudhary, Xu Moyu, and Yap Ying Ying.

Image: Shabbir Akhtar, RESILIENCE, Day 51, 2020

Read on to find out the genesis of the exhibition ➔

Chinese Calligraphy

Did you notice the new Chinese calligraphy at level four of Li Ka Shing Library?

The Chinese calligraphy is a kind gift by Mrs Tinah Tanoto of the Tanoto Foundation. These calligraphic pieces by Hu Bin capture the values of filial piety, harmony, diligence, thrift and gratitude, which have guided her approach to life, and which represent her deep wish for the future generations.

SMU Art Collection Microsite

SMU Art Collection has a new microsite! You can now access and view over 300 artworks online, and also keep abreast of current and upcoming exhibitions and events. Head over to learn more about the artworks and artists in the Collection.

Visit SMU Art Collection microsite ➔

Big Books

Other than new artwork, a larger-than-life bookshelf containing books published by SMU Faculty are brightening up the facade at Li Ka Shing Library. Did you spot a book written by your favourite professor? What are the areas that SMU faculty are making impact? SMU Libraries put together a “What Do Faculty Write About” book list showcasing titles from the bookshelf and other books from the Libraries’ special collection.

SMU Faculty also publish widely in academic publications. Get to know their research and scholarly publications in InK, SMU’s Institutional Repository.

Find out what books SMU faculty write about ➔

Over 80% of SMU students agree that the Libraries have helped them positively in their studies.

SMUSA student survey 2021
SMUSA student survey 2021

Of the Libraries' various services, over 80% of SMU students missed working and studying in the Libraries the most when access to physical library services were limited due to measures taken during Covid-19.

Over 70% of SMU students feel that the Libraries helped them feel connected and part of university life.


SMUSA Student Survey Results 2020

SMUSA student survey 2021

Sniff Out False News in the Infodemic

Sniff out fake news

COVID-19 vaccine turns humans into monkeys. Really?!

The fight with the pandemic and infodemic continues on in 2021. Overabundance of information coupled with the speed and how widely inaccurate information are spreading make it challenging to navigate the infodemic.

There is a limit to how we can control the information we receive. However, there is one element that we can control, and that is how we react and respond to information. Critical thinking and reflection help guide our response to information. The ease of dissemination that enables inaccurate information to spread makes fact-checking easier as well. Dig deeper to uncover any factual inaccuracy when presented with questionable information... and continue reading for more tips to sniff out fake news.

Get tips to sniff out fake news ➔

Occupancy counter

Planning to head down to the Libraries

Check the occupancy counter via the library website before coming to the library.Inline with safe-distancing measures, the occupancy currently must be limited to 1000 and 300 for Li Ka Shing Library and Kwa Geok Choo Law Library respectively.

Check occupancy counter now ➔

New Faces in the Libraries

Sharin Yeo Eng Lin Lynn

Sharin is the new Learning Library Technology Manager who contributes to library services through technology and innovation. Sharin is administering and managing library systems, and other related library technology services. She was formerly an ICT manager handling school management in planning and implementing ICT plans in the public service.

She enjoys travelling, trying out new foods with her family, and spending time with her children.

Lynn is a Collections Librarian in the Collections, Access, and Technology team in SMU Libraries. Her main role is to support management of the print and e-book collections in the library, to ensure that the SMU community can access these library resources effectively for their teaching, learning and research information needs.

In her free time, she enjoys spending time with her family, reading, jogging, and travelling.

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