2018 Survey Results

Library Service Quality Survey Results for 2018

It is important that the library understands the needs and expectations of the SMU community. The findings shall inform the Library in enhancing services and resources that best meet your needs. Our users gave feedback that the previous survey instrument used in 2013 and 2015 was hard to understand and complete. Hence this year, we changed to a different survey instrument called InSync.

Survey Response Rate:
There were 2,519 respondents to the survey which is approximately 25% of the SMU community.

Key Results:

  • Overall the Library did well in most areas when comparing 2015 to 2018.
  • The library performed even better for service. Users felt library staff provide accurate answers to enquiries and that they could get help from library staff when needed.
  • The survey identified space as an issue. Users still said they had difficulty finding a quiet place when they need to and difficulty finding a place to work in a group when they need to.
  • Printing, scanning and photocopying services in the Libraries was an area that can be improved.

Selected Comments:

  • Great job keep it up! I'm thankful for the outstanding librarians and the facilities and resources have been of great help in my university journey.  
  • The library is great! Big fan of the renovations that allow for the powerpoint plugs to be on the table, super convenient!
  • The library is like my second home. It has a great selection of book and resources to aid me in my personal and academic developments. In addition, the librarian staff are ever-ready with my enquiries and often go beyond their job scope to help me with something.
  • The newly renovated space (with sofas chairs) may not be relevant for students.
  • There are many seat hoggers. Would be nice to have less seat hoggers.

Learning space improvements are currently underway, new study carrels will be placed on Level 4 of Li Ka Shing Library after April. SMU Libraries shall continue to look into these areas and analyze the comments to identify further improvement opportunities while being thoughtful about sustainability in the coming months. We greatly appreciate your feedback. Thank you for taking the time to tell us how we are doing and working with the library staff to enhance the quality of our resources and services.

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