2013 Survey Results

2013 Library Service Quality Survey Results

As the Library plans for the future, it is important that the Library understands the needs and expectations of the SMU community so that it is able to provide the services and resources that best meet these needs. It is for this reason the Library undertook the Library Service Quality Survey in February 2013. The survey questionnaire, called LibQUAL+, is a large-scale assessment of library service effectiveness developed by the Association of Research Libraries.  It is based on ServQUAL and participated by over 1,200 libraries worldwide. The Survey measures the following dimensions of service: Affect of Service, Access to Information, and Library as Place.   The results enable the Library to measure and improve library service and benchmark the Library’s performance against similar institutions across the world.

Survey Response Rate:

There were 1,994 respondents to the survey which is approximately 24% of the SMU community.

Key Results:

  • Overall the Library performed well when benchmarked against other academic institutions. SMU is close to meeting the desired levels of service as compared to American Research Libraries (ARL) and university libraries who participated in LibQUAL in 2012.
  • The Library performed above average for Service.  Users felt Library Staff were polite, willing to help, dependable and knowledgeable.
  • The Library also performed well in terms of availability of resources.  However there were requests for more lifestyle and fiction book titles, more journals, and improved access to online resources.
  • In terms of space, the Library needs to increase the amount of seating space.  It needs to work on creating more quiet space, improve the zoning on various activities in the Library and making it a more inviting and conducive environment for users.
  • With reference to information control, library users expressed some difficulty in discovering resources, navigating the library website and accessing the resources off campus.

Selected Comments:

  • The service has been top notch for years. The librarians go out of their way to be helpful.
  • I believe that SMU has a leading library team that understands and cares for the needs of every individual student. The library team has played an integral role in my academic pursuits thus far.
  • I did not actually know what are the resources and databases that we have until a librarian comes to class and tell us about it.
  • Some of the databases are quite hard to navigate.
  • Has awesome databases and research resources but picking up the skills to use them effectively is a bit harder than it seems.
  • The entire atmosphere at the library - feels too cramped and crowded with people for it to be a place for reflection or creativity.
  • There isn’t enough space for quiet study.
  • If zones for group work and individual were more clearly demarcated, students will know where the appropriate place to go.

Action Plan:

  • The Library has embarked on a space planning project for SMU Library and is designing the new Kwa Geok Choo Law library.  These projects will help to alleviate many of the space issues raised in the survey.
  • The Library will take steps to improve access and discovery of Library resources.
  • It will also implement measures to raise awareness of Library resources and services.

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We appreciate the feedback and insight provided by the SMU Community. Thanks for taking the time to assess the Library and improve the quality of our resources and services.