The Best of ResearchRadar 2022

Find out what are the most popular ResearchRadar articles in 2022

by Dong Danping, Librarian, Research Services

Happy New Year everyone!

We highlight the most popular 10 ResearchRadar articles from 2022, in the order of increasing readership from the SMU community. Check them out and do not miss out on the best articles.

  1. Citationchaser - a tool for transparent and efficient forward and backward citation chasing in systematic searching

    Citation chasing is a powerful technique to search for literature for systematic reviews, and this article introduces a tool to efficiently conduct citation chasing in bulk.

  2. 5 common misconceptions about Clarivate’s Journal Impact Factor and Web of Science

    Learn something you probably didn’t know before about Journal Impact Factor, one of the most widely used metric for evaluating the importance journals.

  3. Bibliometric reviews in business, management & accounting and the tools used

    What are the most popular tools for conducting bibliometric analysis among business researchers? Read this post to find the answer.

  4. Harzing’s Publish or Perish tool 8.0

    Another popular bibliometric analysis tool that allows you to conduct bulk analysis with Google Scholar.

  5. Useful Browser Extensions for Academic Research

    Equip your browser with powerful extensions to maximize your research efficiency.

  6. Using VOSviewer as a bibliometric mapping or analysis tool in Business, Management & accounting

    Learn about VOSViewer, one of the most popular tools for conducting bibliometric reviews in the field of business.

  7. FWCI and how I can use it

    Learn the basics about Field Weighted Citation Impact (FWCI) and where to find this research metric.

  8. Bibliometrix – A powerful and popular new bibliometric tool used in the domain of business and management

    A must-read if you are thinking of doing literature mapping or bibliometric reviews.

  9. Julia, Python, and R: What’s the difference?

    If learning programming is inside your New Year’s resolution, which language should you go for? This article might shed some light on that question.

  10. OpenAlex: The promising alternative to Microsoft Academic Graph

    Here comes the most popular article of the year introducing OpenAlex, the free and open API database of scholarly publications, which has now taken over the deprecated MAG.

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